Garage Sales

Regulations Regarding Garage/Yard Sales

  • Residents must apply for a garage/yard sale permit (PDF) and pay the $5 fee per location
    • Permits are available through the Utility office window of City Hall
  • Permits are valid for up to three consecutive sale dates
  • Up to two sales may be held at a location in any three month time period
  • All items and goods to be sold must be owned by the permit holder and not obtained for resale
  • Only signs provided by the City of Guthrie will be allowed to be displayed
    • One sign is allowed to be displayed on the property or location where the sale is held
    • Up to two signs are allowed to be displayed on public right-of-way
      • Signs may not block the view of traffic
      • Signs are prohibited on street signs and posts, traffic signs and posts, public utility poles, street lights, and street light standards
    • Signs may be displayed beginning on the first sale date and must be removed at the close of sale activities
      • The holder of the garage/yard sale permit is responsible for removing signs

View a list of current garage sales (PDF).