The Mayor of the City of Guthrie is responsible for the following:

  • Presiding at all meetings of the Council
  • Certifying to the correct enrollment of all ordinances and resolutions as passed by the Council
  • Serving as the head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor of the State of Oklahoma for military purposes
  • Signing all conveyances and written obligations of the City of Guthrie as the City Council may require
  • Serving as a member of the City Council with an equal vote at all times with the other members of the City Council
  • Appointing members of the City Council to the Street and Finance Committee
  • Appointing and/or recommending for appointment members of most boards and commissions

Prohibited Actions

The Mayor is prohibited from being involved in the following:

  • Addressing complaints regarding City employees
    • Citizens wishing to file complaints against City employees should contact the City Manager
  • Directing City staff in any way