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Wind Turbine

                                                 Guthrie Wind Turbine Construction

Construction has started on the wind turbine that is located at the Guthrie Waste Water Treatment Plant. The webcam below allows you to follow the progress of construction. The turbine is set to be in production by Saturday, September 17th! 

The wind turbine located at the Guthrie Waste Water Treatment Plant will integrate electricity provided by OG&E along with energy produced by our turbine. During times that the wind levels produce sufficient power to supply our plant with energy, it will save the City from purchasing power from OG&E. During times that the wind levels are lower, OG&E will provide some or all power for the plant.

Utility providers have found that wind power reduces the need for generating electricity from natural gas or coal fired power plants. When factoring in the cost to integrate wind power with their systems over time, utilizing wind energy still results in an overall cost savings which helps to lower the rates for their customers. 

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                                                    History of the Guthrie Wind Turbine

It all started on April 27, 2009 when the City of Guthrie, with City Council approval, applied to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, State Energy Office for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Grant to place a Wind Turbine at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

We were notified June 2010 that we had been awarded the grant. The grant was to be in two phases. Phase I was to perform all due diligence with regard to the environment. This included such studies as wetlands assessment, wildlife assessment, zone of influence, microwave interference, FAA approval and others. Upon successful completion of the environmental studies, we were able to proceed to Phase II.

Phase II is the construction and commissioning of the Turbine. We are currently working on Phase II. The base or footing for the Turbine was completed August 19, 2011. The erection and commissioning is scheduled for the week of September 12th. Wind Power to the Waste Water Treatment Plant barring unplanned difficulties is planned following the commissioning.

The turbine is American made by North Power Systems of Barre, VT. It is a “state of the art” gearless direct drive design permanent magnet generator. It has 100 kilowatts of rated power. 100% of the turbine generated electricity will be used to power the Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

                                                               Wind for Schools

The energy industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Educating our children in new technologies can’t begin too soon. To learn more about the wind industry, you can visit a site designed exclusively for students and teachers. “Wind for Schools” provides information for those who want to understand more about wind energy and career opportunities in the renewable energy industry:
                                                                                                                     Wind for Schools image_thumb.jpg

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